BK Radio Mobile Radios



DMH & GMH VHF Mobiles


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DMH          GMH

  • Synthesized FM Mobile Radio
  • 136-174 MHz
  • Optional Remote Mount
  • 400 RF Channels
  • Programmable Soft Switches
  • Field Programmable
  • 15 to 50 Watts RF Power
  • APCO P-25 Compliant (DMH)
  • DES/AES Encryption Optional (DMH)
  • OTAR (req. encrypt.) Optional (DMH)


The BK Radio GMH is the smallest VHF 50-watt mobile in its class. It delivers a 38 MHz bandwidth, PC programmability, "Smart Mic" function switches, built-in CTCSS/CDCSS, 240 channels. Flex•Mode™ may be programmed by channel and/or group in 12.5/15 kHz and 25/30 kHz channel spacing.


EMV UHF Mobile


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  • Synthesized FM Mobile Radio

  • 403-470 MHz

  • 114 Channels

  • Programmable Soft Switches

  • Field Programmable

  • 10 to 40 Watts RF Power

Powerful. Innovative. Rugged and reliable. The Bendix/King EMV 4990A delivers a 67 MHz operating frequency spread, PC programmability, alphanumeric display, compact size and built-in CTCSS/DCS



ENB Dual Transceiver

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  • Synthesized Dual Transceiver
  • FM Mobile Radio
  • 136-160, 148-174, 403-457 or 450-512
  • Up to 210 RF Channels
  • Alphanumeric Display


Perfect when you need the interoperability of two active communications circuits simultaneously or require continuous guard of an emergency channel.


RYB Mobile Extender




When the power of a handheld radio isn’t enough, extend your range by turning your vehicle into a mobile repeater with the RYB from RELM Wireless Corporation.  

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